The Top Health and Beauty Network Marketing Companies

The top health and beauty network marketing companies include a wide range of companies – some have been around for many years, such as Avon 1886; while some are relative new comers, such as MonaVie introduced in January 2005. Indeed, many of the mature companies present their company and compensation plan as a Direct Sales organization. There is a difference, though for the purposes of this article any company who offers health and beauty products AND allows or rewards people for expanding their distributor base will be considered a network marketing company.

During the research phase for this article, I was a little surprised by the relatively low average annual income per distributor. This was true of any Direct Sales or Network Marketing organization. So, make sure you perform your due diligence when investigating a network business opportunity. We all hear this often, but work beyond your emotions of the hype touting the top earners income and find out what it really takes to earn an income you desire.

Ok, let’s begin with perhaps the “Grandmother” of health and beauty – Avon. ฉีดโบท็อก

Avon is “The founder of modern direct selling and the acknowledged world leader in cosmetics.” according to The company had $10.3 billion in sales reported for 2009 produced by 6.2 million distributors. That comes out to $1,661.29 per distributor for the year. Naturally there are folks with either a large customer base or distributor network making more – which means there are a lot of people making less.

In fact, while conducting research for this article, I was amazed at how extensive the product line has become. Personally, I knew Avon sold cosmetics, jewelry and a few men’s colognes, but had no idea how many products they really offer. Being from the South, the Avon SkinSoSoft is used by many of us to fight the little No-SeeUms (gnats).

Like all network marketing organizations, Avon is a legitimate income opportunity for those who grasp the concept of business building in addition to personal sales.


Amway was founded in 1959 by Steve Van Andel and Rick DeVos when they left Nutrilite Products. Amway had reported annual sales revenue for 2009 of $8.4 billion. With a reported 3 million plus distributors, that comes to about $2,800 per distributor.

Amway has to be one of the most recognizable brands in the US, perhaps the world. A brief visit to the company website demonstrates their global presence – the countries and languages supported – ranging throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe – are just too numerous to list here. There greatest (and most profitable coups) has to be as one of the few network marketing organizations in China – with its whopping 1.3 billion population!

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