Magic Tricks – Magic? Or Just Tricks?

I am a professional magician with six years of performing experiences. I focus on close up and street-magics. I decided to share my experience and passion for magic with the new aspiring magicians and help them along the way.

What are Magic Tricks?

Is it real? Or just tricks?

Well, as it is written in the title. Magic-TRICKS are actually just tricks, sorry to disappoint you but they are definitely not real. There are a few kinds of magic tricks. Let me break it down for you in order of difficulty.

First being theĀ hardest.

1) Mentalism
2) Stage – Usually professional with a huge amount of audiences.
3) Street – On the spot, impromptu tricks with strangers.
4) Close-up – Generally Card/Coin, Sponge Balls etc. magicien mentaliste
5) Simple Magic Gimmicks/Toolkits – Requires no skills except for knowledge on how to operate it.

And Illusory magics is not listed as it is usually a combination of a few type of magics.

What Makes a Magic Trick Exciting & Appealing to its Audiences?

What’s the secret behind every successful magician?

Magic Tricks is not all about the magic itself.

Personally, I have a few students myself. They are all keen learners but most of them have no basic knowledge on magic. I could easily tell apart the more experienced ones from the other. Given the secrets behind a magic trick. For example, a simple card trick, you could spot the difference between a seasoned magician and an amateur easily.

Firstly, their showmanship. Secondly, their handling and presentation of their magic tricks. And last but not least, their ability to manage their audience.

The 3 parts of learning a magic trick: The effect, the secret, and the routine.

What Do You Want to Achieve As a Magician?

Most of the time, amateur magicians strives only to impress, and forgets about the fun and entertainment of magic.

Magicians are actually entertainers too, sometimes, even some clowns are magicians, such as Sylvester the Jester.

Learning Magic is just like learning how to play a musical instrument or playing a sport. Always remember, practice makes perfect, and don’t give up easily. Practise as much as you can whenever you are free. Practise in front of the mirror too, get your angles right if it is a angle-sensitive trick and remember to master your routine before performing in public.

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