How to Make Money By Creating Videos

Most of the people today do not have the patience to read a big e-book on a particular topic and then try out everything and get it wrong the first time. They want someone to show them exactly how something is done and not to leave anything for chance. Moreover, creating a video will take only that amount of time which is required to do a particular job but writing will take much longer as the author has to type into proper sentences for everything which he wants to convey to his readers. It also depends on the typing speed as most of the people do not have typing skills. Content Samurai reviews

There are various sites like YouTube[dot]com, dailymotion[dot]com, metacafe[dot]com which are solely focused on videos. They get millions and millions of visitors daily and these sites are free to join. They make income through showing advertisements on their sites and every videos uploaded by the users. The users can create any type of video as long as they comply to the terms and conditions of these video sites. The user can add a link to his website in the video itself or he can give it in the description box provided by these sites.

A video blogger can build a huge subscriber list by creating and uploading videos on a regular basis. These visitors can then be diverted to websites which can sell them some products of own or as an affiliate. Since these visitors are already in the mindset of buying as they have been shown a video of how something is done they are ready buyers to the products. Moreover, the videos can be used to evoke emotional responses in the visitors which will lead to calm their critical mind. Most of the internet marketers today use this technique by which their sales skyrocket within a short period of time.

An internet marketer will usually show his daily, weekly and monthly earnings to his viewers to create the feeling that if you follow what he says you too will get the same results. This kind of marketing kick-starts the imagination of the viewers and they position themselves in the shoes of the marketer. They are in a state of imagining things which they would do when they start finding that kind of result. So, naturally they are more inclined towards buying what the marketer suggests.

The same technique can be applied to various other markets as well. Say, for example, you want to get into six pack abs or height increase market. You can create videos with proofs of how you achieved results by using a particular secret formula or technique given in a particular product. The same applies to weight-loss market as well. Usually, the marketers who are into weight-loss market tend to show slim men and women who are enjoying their time on a beach side showing off their well maintained bodies. This sets in the imaginary juices of all those viewers who are vying to become slim and healthy and lose those extra pounds of fats. The marketer will also emphasize the time required to achieve those kinds of results. They usually use words like ‘weeks’ rather than months as weeks are smaller than months.

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