Faux Clouds for Children’s Bedrooms

Kids love to lie on their backs on a sunny summer day and gaze up into the clouds. You can easily add a touch of fantasy to your children’s room by adding clouds to their walls. It’s a bit more difficult to paint faux clouds on a ceiling, but you can get a great look by doing part of a ceiling without a lot of extra work. Here’s how to paint clouds.

First prime the walls, followed by applying two coats of blue (it’s worthwhile to try for a sky blue tone, but it’s not totally necessary) and then allowing the paint to dry for at least twenty-four hours before beginning to add your clouds.

Mix glaze and white paint in a four-to-one ratio before you begin your clouds. As you work, it’s a good idea to stir your mixture from time to time, because the glaze and paint will want to separate, so it’s important to keep them thoroughly mixed.

Wet a piece of sponge or cloth and then wring it out thoroughly before dabbing it into your white pain/glaze mixture. don’t get too much on–lightness and fluffiness if your goal. Start at in the middle of the wall and begin dabbing on your paint mixture–although you don’t want to start in the exact middle, because you don’t want uniformity. Then, with a damp piece of cheesecloth, gently go over each rough cloud to soften its overall appearance. If you want to create a somewhat three dimensional appearance, leave a little more paint in the center of each cloud. Poster store

As you work, remember not to get too precise when you’re creating your clouds. Clouds are anything but uniform when seen in the sky, so in order to create the most realistic cloudscape, you need to apply your paint in a somewhat random fashion. you’re also creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork on your child’s wall, so don’t get too caught up in precision. It’s supposed to look like freeform clouds and not a wallpaper pattern.

Your largest clouds should be no more than two feet wide and tall, give or take a few inches. Then make a few smaller ones, all the way down to small wispy clouds of only a few inches. This will lend more realism to the overall effect.

If you’re doing the entire room in a cloudscape, you can create a nice effect by wrapping some of your clouds around the corners and by putting some next to window trim and baseboards, as well as around light switches and electrical outlets. Small details like that really add to the visual effect of your cloudscape.

Although it takes longer than simply slapping on a single coat of paint, creating a wonderfully whimsical cloudscape in a child’s room can add drama and interest–and it’s not especially difficult or expensive to do. The effect can be quite captivating and your child will love it, which is always a nice bonus when you set out to redecorate a room.

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