Artificial Grass Benefiting Children and Their Play Areas

There are many children’s nurseries, schools and gardens across the UK where outside spaces are muddy puddles preventing children from enjoying the outdoors. The installation of artificial grass at a number of children’s nurseries across the UK has improved outside areas so much that children are able to play outside all year round.  artificial grass installation

There are a number of advantages to artificial grass in such situations. When artificial grass is installed with rubber impact matting critical fall heights can be easily achieved making it ideal under play equipment such as swings, climbing frames and slides. Maintenance is reduced to almost nil following the installation, the only maintenance that need be carried out is brushing from time to time to remove debris such as leaves. As there are many different textures and pile heights of the grass this can also benefit children with disabilities. The shorter pile turfs make it easy for children confined to wheelchairs to move around on, while the installation of the varying types can be beneficial to those children who benefit from working with different textures. The varying colours available which include green, red, blue and yellow mean that interesting shapes and pictures can be created for the children.

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