6 Article Strategies To Energize Your Internet Marketing

One of the best ways to build targeted traffic is to use articles. Because articles are so flexible as to their uses, most savvy internet marketers utilize articles in multiple ways. Here are six ways to use articles.

1. Post to your blog

As it is almost a requirement for successful internet marketers to have blogs now, the first way to use your article is to post it to your blog. Not only does it give your article exposure but it adds fresh content to your blog. The fresher your blog content the better it will rank in the search engines and the more often you will get returning readers.

2. Post to Your Squidoo Page

One of the newer web 2.0 sites that many internet marketers are taking advantage of is Squidoo. It is almost like having another blog but it is more commercial. It is also a very heavily trafficked site. Posting your article here will, again provide your Squidoo lens with new content which will enhance your Squidoo traffic. You can even set up Squidoo to pull articles from your blog so if you post to your blog you will update both your blog and your Squidoo page all at once.

3. Submit To Article Directories

This is the most common use of articles. You submit your article to article directories which post your articles and make them available for anyone to read and use. The more directories you can post to the more links you will generate and the better the search engines will like it. The more uniqe articles you can post the better.

4. Post Your Article On Your Website

You can create another page for your main website and post your article there. If you include a link to the article from your index page, the search engines will find it fast. They will look at the new article as fresh content to the overall website. If you post enough articles, you can set up an article index page with links to each article and one link from the main web page to the article index.

5. Modify the Article Into a Press Release

You can make some small editing changes to your article to make it a little more newsy by adding a what, why, where component. You can then submit the revised article as a press release to PRweb and other online PR sites where they will be picked up by news organizations and reporters. PRs are one of the best ways to create traffic for your sites.

6. Mail the Article to Your Subscriber List Ghostwriting

You can make an email out of the article and mail it to your list. You can enhance your relationship with your list by regularly providing them with good useful information that they are looking for. For long articles, you can break them into parts and make multiple emails out of them. You can also just email a link to your blog or website to the page where the article is posted. This helps get your subscribers to your site or blog.

Articles are one of the most useful marketing tools. There are so many ways you can use them. You can use one of the ways listed or you can use any combination of those listed or you can use all of those listed for each article. The more you can use quality articles the better your internet marketing will be.

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